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Our Luxury Event Experiences

Why Choose Dolli's Designs LLC.?

Dolli's Designs LLC. provides a exclusive upscale experience that is customized to you and your guest. We offer top of the line stress free service from start to finish. If you're looking for quality, certified and experienced event professionals you're in the right place.

What Does DDLLC. Offer?

DDLLC. offers exclusive upscale event decor and balloon decor for all occasions. From intimate 12 guests' events to 10,000 guest's events, we offer custom such as corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, GALAs and much more. DDLLC. offers stress free service that also give you and your guests a custom experience.

How Long Has DDLLC. Been Open?

DDLLC. opened in 2018 and we have been offering high quality service ever since. It has always been our goal to not only offer just event design but the best event design company available. We aim to not only reach our clients goals but exceed them and with excellent customer service and upscale decor.

Who Has DDLLC. Worked With?

DDLLC. works with some of the largest companies not only in Missouri but in the United States. Just as importantly, we work with clients in over 7 states, bringing them both our luxury decor that meets their needs. DDLLC. is your preferred event styling company and our goal is to make your event goal come true.

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